Diane Heaton (factitiouslj) wrote,
Diane Heaton


My underwear was stolen from underneath a car today, but instead of writing about that, I'm posting a retrospective of the last semester, as promised in the previous post.

This retrospective will be in fortune cookie form. Although I just thought of doing this recently, I've been preparing for it since January. Whenever I got a fortune cookie with Chinese food, I saved the fortune, just in case it would come in handy. Now I'm going to consider each fortune in regards to the last semester, and rate it right, wrong, or uncertain.

"Bend the rod while it is still hot."
I ended up doing a lot of things late and having them work out anyway. Wrong.

"Speak only well of people and you need never whisper."
I don't remember needing to whisper at all. Right.

"Devotion will make you feel more complete."
I wasn't especially devoted to anything during the last semester. Maybe it would have made me feel more complete, maybe not. Uncertain.

"You will inherit a large sum of money."
Didn't happen, which is good, considering what would be required for it. Wrong.

"Everything serves to further."
I guess this is saying the events of the last semester were all directed toward some purpose? If so, it wasn't an obvious one, but I can't disprove this. Uncertain.

"Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort."
Seems to me that it's better to expand them by finding comfort in something new. Wrong.

"Perceived failure is oftentimes success trying to be born in a bigger way."
More often it turned out to actually be neither failure nor success, or to just be failure. Wrong.

"Your luck has been completely changed today."
I don't remember which day that was. Uncertain.

"Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow."
I'm not quite sure what this is about, but there aren't many resources that are really necessary for me. Right.

"Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance."
Yeah, that's a fun way to avert misunderstanding. Right.

"You are a bundle of energy, always on the go."
Actually, I spent most of the semester just sitting around. Wrong.

So that's 3 right, 5 wrong, and 3 uncertain.
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