Diane Heaton (factitiouslj) wrote,
Diane Heaton

I really like ct and st ligatures, the ones where the top of the t curves back to end on top of the letter before it. It's a pretty jarring effect these days, and therefore much cooler than the relatively commonplace f* ligatures.

Unfortunately, Unicode doesn't seem to have a ct ligature. This is for a sensible reason; Unicode is meant to be about characters, not glyphs, and in theory shouldn't be encoding such things. But st made it in anyway, as "character" 64262, and it's too late for them to remove it now. (They probably wish they could.) I'd like to start using it in my LiveJournal posts, but without being able to provide ct ligatures as well, it just looks silly and inconsistent.

Addendum: I prepared this post in TextEdit, and when I used the Find command to search for "st," I found that it correctly counts "st" as a match. That's both pleasant and surprising.
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