Diane Heaton (factitiouslj) wrote,
Diane Heaton


Barely 24 hours into the new year, and I've already broken one of my resolutions: the prohibition on saying the word "steal," or derivative forms such as "stolen" or "stealing." ("Steel" was allowed.)

I'm usually better than this. In past years I've been able to go without saying "bagel" and "agility." Those are a bit less common, true, but I still thought I could manage this.

I do have several other resolutions:
* Stop complaining about which tiles I get in Scrabble
* Write LiveJournal posts about each book I read
* Apply for at least one job per week until I get one
* Keep my hair long (this resolution suggested by Capucine)

Obviously, none of those are as important to me as the one about not saying "steal" was, but they have the advantage of still being possible to fulfill.
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