October 24th, 2008


Politics post

This post is mainly aimed at people who will be voting in California. I think that's a large portion of my readership.

Marriage is under attack this year, on a scale that, as far as I know, is unprecedented. Literally thousands of marriages in California are going to be annulled if Proposition 8 passes.

What's worse, this attack on the constitutionally guaranteed right to marriage has a real chance of passing, according to polls. It's a sad comment on the standards of society today that destroying marriages is even on the table, much less that a significant number of people might vote for it.

I know this isn't the first time you've heard warnings about the need to defend marriage, but this goes far beyond what California has faced before. Yes, even worse than the unconstitutional Proposition 22 back in 2000. The threat this time is that actual existing marriages will be made no longer valid. If you care at all about protecting the sanctity of marriage, please vote no on Proposition 8.