Diane Heaton (factitiouslj) wrote,
Diane Heaton

Anyone know a way to search the iTunes music store for DRM-free music? I remember they made a big deal last year about how they would start carrying it, but they don't seem interested in presenting the information to me.

There are two things I'm hoping they have and I've just missed somehow: A way to search music by freedom level (though I don't expect or require them to call it that) and a way to, when I'm looking at a track, see what sort of file it's available as.

The second one's important as sort of an assurance. I went to an album that I already knew was on EMI, and so presumably is now DRM-free, but I couldn't find a way of checking that information within iTunes. I'm not interested in buying it there without being sure of this in advance.
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