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2:12:39 AM Ben: What part of space is the closest analogue to Athens?
2:12:51 AM Lewis: athens
2:12:57 AM Ben: Other than that.
2:13:05 AM Lewis: crete?
2:13:17 AM Lewis: or, umm, persepolis?
2:13:36 AM Ben: OK, what if we exclude all locations on Earth?
2:13:48 AM Lewis: lunar athens?
2:13:56 AM Ben: No such place.
2:14:02 AM Lewis: oh you want real places?
2:14:10 AM Ben: Yeah, but in space.
2:14:19 AM Lewis: alpha centauri?
2:14:34 AM Ben: How's that like Athens?
2:15:19 AM Lewis: well, you had me rule out all the places that have something like "is/was a cultural center" in common with athens
2:15:38 AM Lewis: so, the bar is pretty low
2:15:51 AM Lewis: i went with "likely to have been heard of by a reasonable proportion of people"

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I'm about to start reading The Raw Shark Texts, based on a recommendation on a podcast.

It opens with a quote from Jorge Luis Borges, which makes me think it's going to be a good read. The other authors I can think of who've done that are John Hodgman (More Information Than You Require) and China Miéville (The Tain*), both of whom I really like.

Anyone have any more examples of books that have a prominent Borges quote? I'm especially interested in finding out whether it's possible for a bad book to do this.

*Actually, turns out that quote is at the end, not the beginning. I'm going to count it anyway.

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Attention people in or near Palo Alto: I will be there from July first to seventeenth.

And let me know if you're interested in coming over for my family's big Fourth of July party. It's a pretty open thing, but ideally I'd like some idea of who's showing up ahead of time. It'll be on Saturday from 7 to whenever.

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The last few days have been pretty eventful. Capucine's gone back to France for the summer, my parents visited me, and I solved a cryptic crossword for the first time.

Tomorrow I'm going to try the Washington Post Hunt with Claire and Brad. Should be fun.

Request Comics Donation Drive!

Remember when Randy Milholland asked Something Positive readers to match his yearly salary in donations, and they totally did? I'm going to see if Request Comics readers can pull that off too.

I'm unemployed, so the target value is $0.

If you want to support request-based photocomicry, come check out the donation drive at Even if you donate nothing, that'll go a long way toward my goal. Especially if you donate nothing.

Springing ahead

Conversation with a housemate a few minutes ago:

"It's Daylight Saving Time now!"
"Oh, right. This is a big thing for you, isn't it?"
"It's a big thing for everyone."
"Of course. Well, happy new year!"